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Binzhou Huakang Dream of the edge of biotechnology Co., LTD. Another utility model patent has been authorized

Author:Binzhou Release:2020-11-06

On July 28, 2020, the State Intellectual Property Office issued another utility model patent certificate to Binzhou Huakang Mengzhiyuan Biotechnology Co., LTD. The utility model relates to a lighting equipment of a distillation unit for the production of lactic acid. The patent number is ZL201922246320.6 .


The utility model discloses a kind of lactic acid production using distillation device of lighting equipment, including fixed plate, bearing, the first rotating shaft, the first Pass trough, first gear slot, the first gear, first motor shaft, the first motor,first motor slot, the first rotating plate, the second pass trough, the second shaft, telescopic rod, the third shaft, electric telescopic rod,the third Pass trough, fourth axis of rotation, and the second rotating plate, the fourth pass trough, the third rotating plate, the second gear, the second motor groove and the second gear slot; The Angle between the first rotary plate and the second rotary plate can be adjusted, and the third rotary plate can be rotated under the drive of the second motor to adjust the Angle of the lamp. The lighting equipment of the utility model has a larger adjustment range, and the Angle of the lamps can also be adjusted, which can better meet the needs of users.


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